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The Newest from JM Lab: The Chorus 800 series

The new Chorus 800 line originates from a complete and thoughtful study on loudspeaker technology where performance, integration and design are thoroughly combined.
The soft and fluid design express Focal technology and emphasizes on functionality while making it in the meantime, better integrated to the interior environment. But firstly beyond design, Chorus 800 must meet its acoustical objective. A state of the art bended, multi-fold MDF cabinet solution has been chosen, assuring natural toughness as well as optimal damping of vibrations and internal pressures.

Yamaha's New YSP-4000 Digital Sound Projector

The YSP-1 Digital Sound Projector by YamahaSimplify your Home Theater with multi-channel surround sound enjoyment from a single component.

The Yamaha Digital Sound Projector (YSP-4000) is an exciting breakthrough in home theater technology. Now you can get optimum multi-channel sound directivity to enjoy the full benefits of home theater all from one easily installed component. This is Yamaha patented technology which means no other manufacturer can offer this!

No more multiple speakers, no more clutter, no more hiding wires... just the pure excitement of bringing your movies and music to life.

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Yamaha YSP-1 Digital Sound

Anthem Statement D1 Controller and P5 Power Amplifier

To say, as Anthem does in it's literature, that the Statement D1 and P5 can 'Recreate the passion a music lover experiences when attending a live musical performance, or the thrilling sound a movie buff experiences in the very best movie theaters" is an understatement. The Anthem Statement D1 preamp/processor/tuner and P5 mulitchannel power amplifier are the best home-theater components I have heard in my system, and it was a joy to review them.

The P5's specs are impeccable. It outputs 325 watts per channel, one or all channels driven. Harmonic distortion is spec'ed at almost immeasurable 0.0007%, and inter modulation distortion is said to be 0.00019%. Damping factor, a good measure of a speaker control, is 600, and the slew rate (a specification of amp speed) is 40 V/ps. The signal to noise ration is 125 db, and the crosstalk between any two channels is an incredible -140 dB. Anthem claims power bandwidth from 10 Hz to 150 kHz. But specs are only on paper - the most important spec, how it sounds, is measured by listening.

Article by Gary Altunian, Reviewer for 'The Perfect vision'
Read the Entire Review Here

'Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity' reviewed the Anthem Statement D1 Surround Sound Controller, Audiophile Preamplifier, and Home A/V Control Center.

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Premium Loudspeaker specialist Focal has developed a new concept to allow Apple iPod and hard drive juke box users, plus WiFi and Apple/PC/server music fans, an easy way to convert their products into the heart of a true 2.1 hi-fi system - the iCub integrated subwoofer.

Premium Loudspeaker specialist Focal has developed a new concept to allow iPod and hard drive juke box users, plus WiFi and PC/server music fans, an easy way to convert their products into the heart of a true 2.1 hi-fi system - the iCub integrated subwoofer.

cub subwooeriCub presents a unique opportunity to allow this new audience to really access true high-fidelity, via a modern product in tune with their life style. Based on the specifications of the recently introduced Cub2 subwoofer, iCub integrates 3 BASH amplifiers, with a maximum of 400 Watts, a high precision 20bit D/A converter and multiple inputs, including optical digital, all with automatic detection so there's no need to manually turn iCub on or off.

The iCub system is incredibly simple to configure and use. A pair of speakers can be connected directly to the outputs on the iCub's stereo amplifier. Sources can be connected either via analogue RCA or digitally via the optical input and the system volume can be controlled by the included infra-red remote control.

Thanks to the optical input, and other unique functionality, iCub also offers new prospects for greatly improved music quality when streaming using a WiFi connection and a computer.

Yamaha MusicCast Interactive Wireless Home Music Network System
MusicCast interactive Wireless Home Music Network System by Yamaha


  • Store 1000 CDs
  • Wireless music distribution
  • Music jukebox
  • Easy installation
  • Create your own CDs
  • Play MP3 discs

Arcam SOLO

Arcan SOLO Music System Photo of Arcam audio SystemThose of you accustomed to thinking of "lifestyle" products as a compromise between performance and simplicity will be shocked.  The SOLO is a true high-end audio system that just happens to be dressed in lifestyle clothing.  Offering performance exceeding that of Arcam's level separate audio components, the SOLO amazed all.

The SOLO incorporates a CD player, FM tuner, Preamp, and Power Amp all in one attractively styled enclosure.  In addition to all the performance you'd expect from an Arcam component, the Solo provides features like RS-232 control, four independent alarm clocks, and a separate line-level output with independent volume control for a second zone.  

Arcam FMJ MS 250 Music Server

Arcam DIVA DVD79 DVD-Audio Player NEW FMJ MS250 Music Server The MS250 is a world class music replay and storage device. At its simplest, the MS250 is an audiophile quality stereo CD player, with a built-in 400GB hard drive to store some 640 uncompressed CD's or up to 4800 CD's (about 80,000 tunes) in compressed audio formats. When used to its full potential, it is an extremely powerful home music server that supports four audio zones, via analogue, that lets you make compilations of your own music on to CD-R. It also provides internet access for listening to internet radio.

Arcam AVR350 Surround Sound Receiver

Arcam AVR300 Surround Sound Receiver Photo DiVA AVR350 7.1 Receiver  The AVR350 is the best ever sounding receiver from Arcam, delivering real audiophile sound quality for movies and music, with two-way HDMI switching plus HDTV compatible component / RGB switching, producing 7 x 100 watts per channel power output (all channels driven simultaneously) real world power, rare in a receiver, and a second room/zone output with audio and video plus RS232 for system control and install integration. Audio performance is outstanding with digital or analogue inputs presenting an immersive listening experience from any source.

Arcam FMJ DV139 HDMI DVD-Audio Player
Arcam FMJDV29 HDMI DVD Audio Player Photo FMJ DV139 Universal DVD Player  Arcam introduces their best ever DVD player, the DV139. Designed for movie and music enthusiasts, the DV139's specification will delight the most ardent of audiophiles and videophiles too. In addition, its full suite of Infra Red (IR) and RS-232 control options makes it the perfect choice for high performance custom installations.

RTI T2c Home Theater Remote Control

Sleek and modern, the T2-C is the third generation of RTI’s ground-breaking T2 remote control platform. Now updated with a state-of-the-art architecture including a full-color TFT LCD display, the remarkable T2-C Universal System Controller combines the power and flexibility of a fully customizable touchpanel with the convenience of 35 frequently used hard buttons. This design overcomes the need for any compromise between form, function, and technology. Innovations such as a three-way rocker switch for scrolling list navigation make the T2-C the most satisfying universal remote control you have ever used.

RTI K4 The K4 is a color LCD touchpanel is a self-contained control system for controlling audio/video components, lights, or other electronic systems in the home.


The K4 is a color LCD touchpanel designed for flush-mount installations in walls or cabinets. It provides a self-contained control system for controlling audio/video components, lights, or other electronic systems in the home. It also displays composite video*, motion JPEG, and web pages - either full screen or in an adjustable window.

The K4 has it all - it's the first stand-alone touchpanel with infrared control, video monitoring, and Ethernet connectivity. With a TFT LCD, full VGA resolution, powerful 400MHz 32-bit MCU, 32MB of Flash memory, stereo speakers, microphone, and an infrared receiver, the K4 takes touchpanel control to new heights.

Sonance in wall iPort allows your iPod to connect to and play through practically any local or whole-home audio system.
iDeclare: Your portable music player is now your home music server (with photos, anyone?).

The iPort is an inspired idea, a bridge between the home theater and one of the true must-have gadgets of the third millennium. It provides a unique new audio/ video interface. The iPort even replenishes the iPod's internal battery, a convenience that also increases its longevity. Just as we pop our cell phones into the charger at the end of the day, we would gratefully adopt this rewarding habit for our iPods, so that we need never be without our favorite music, or even access to a slew of digital photos.

JM Lab New Utopia Beryllium Speakers
IParadise Audio and Video premiered the new JM Lab Utopia Beryllium speaker line at the International Home Entertainment Exposition in San Francisco.
 Read the Press Reviews from the show.

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