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New & Exciting products and technologies

Once in a while a new product comes along that is really unique and fills a need........
This is It!

Movie Fans... Welcome to Digital Heaven

epson logo

A Complete Home Theater  system with 100" Screen
 For less than the price of a 65" flat panel TV!!!

epson cinema 1 thumbepson cinema system thumb

Epson is the leader in commercial projectors and has been around for over 100 years (Seiko/Epson corp. est 1881). Leave it to them to partner with other manufacturers to develop a complete home theater system with a 100" screen that has the left, center, and right speakers built in. The projector mounting bracket also houses the left & right rear surround speakers. To complete the system there is a surround receiver with a built in DVD player and AM/FM tuner, along with inputs for other devices (satellite, cable, etc).  

In many situations we can install this system completely in One day! and you can be enjoying an evening at the movies!!!
All of this for less than the price of a single 65" plasma TV!!!

rti logo

T2c Home Theater Remote Control System

Sleek and modern, the T2-C is the third generation of RTI’s ground-breaking T2 remote control platform. Now updated with a state-of-the-art architecture including a full-color TFT LCD display, the remarkable T2-C Universal System Controller combines the power and flexibility of a fully customizable touchpanel with the convenience of 35 frequently used hard buttons. This design overcomes the need for any compromise between form, function, and technology. Innovations such as a three-way rocker switch for scrolling list navigation make the T2-C the most satisfying universal remote control you have ever used.

urc logo

PSX-2 Personel Server from URC

We really love this new product for the amazing ease of use and it's performance. Never before has there been an iPod dock with this level of incredible two-way functionality and hundreds of discrete IR commands. This is the "iPod dock of the Gods"URC iPod dockNo self respecting A/V enthusiasts system should be without one of these.............. No Excuses!!!

The PSX-2 redefines the concept of the iPod dock, offering unprecedented and rich control, and turning the popular portable multimedia player into a fully integrated and highly functional source on a home media network. The popularity of the Apple iPod is such that almost every home entertainment system now has an A/V iPod dock.The most popular docks provide a TV on-screen GUI (Graphical User Interface) that mimics precisely the iPod screens. But because the iPod is based on a limited number of buttons and a small screen, one must constantly navigate up and down through a series of nested menus, and must remember a “mental map” of where special features are accessed.This is tedious and frustrating and the only way around it was an expensive media server instead of an iPod dock. Until today...psx 2 w/tv

The PSX-2 is an AV iPod dock with built in automation for the iPod that provides high-end music server functionality via any programmable control system and a TV. Enables functions like play more from this artist, shuffle my jazz, alphabetically search and the intuitive ability to create a play list for a party from any keypad or remote control on their TV set.

canton logo

CD 90  LCR speaker bar

With todays large flat panel video displays who wants large speakers placed around them. The Canton CD 90 Soundbar is  the perfect answer to the question of how to get great sound from a left, center, right speaker placed unobtrusively with a plasma or LCD TV. This is 39" long and just the right size to nestle beneath or above a flat panel.  The Canton CD 90  is decidedly different than the average sound bar: it doesn't do surround sound!!! This only handles the job of the front (L,C,R) speakers. 
The upside to that........ It's one of the best-sounding speaker bars we've ever heard, especially when it comes to music.  Another  plus is the Family will love the sound quality, and Mom will love how it blends and almost disappears below the TV.

is a German company that has been around since 1972. Their devotion to hand made, top quality products is second to none. Paradise Audio & Video has been a loyal dealer of their products since 1986 because of Cantons unwaivering attention to quality & value.

yamaha logo
7.1-Channel Network Home Theater Receiver

The RX-A3020 is a powerful statement in the evolution of Yamaha engineering. A 9.2ch AV receiver, it offers 11.2ch expandability and superb surround sound realism with CINEMA DSP HD3. Employ powerful noise reduction functions using the HQV Vida video processor. The double bottom frame ensures optimal sound while features like AirPlay and multi-zone HDMI output provide increased flexibility. It is packed with power, has processing flexibility and every aspect of chassis construction has been engineered for enhanced performance. This network AV receiver offers unsurpassed versatility with access to today’s most popular music sources including Internet Radio, Rhapsody online music service, music streaming from PC, HD Radio with iTunes tagging, XM and SIRIUS Satellite Radio ready,RX-A3020 USB, iPod and Bluetooth compatibility, as well as extensive multi-zone custom installation and convenience features, plus a Web Browser Control. Using a local area network (LAN) connection and Windows Media Connect technology ver.2 or better, Yamaha Network enabled receivers allow you to play MP3, WMA and WAV music from up to fifteen (15) PC’s. Tnetwork receiverhe Network Receiver also provides the ability to listen to any of the thousands of stations available on Internet radio when connected to a broadband Internet connection. By using the included MP3 vTuner data service that is enabled, looking for content on the Internet couldn’t be easier, from your favorite Rock, Pop, or R&B to Podcasts that cater to your music interests. With a USB terminal on the front panel you now have a convenient way to play music from USB flash drives and portable USB music players. Yamaha Network Receivers get you connected to the vast music content available anywhere on your LAN and on the web.

YAMAHA is the center of your Digital Universe!

rti logo

The K4 is a color LCD touchpanel is a self-contained control system for controlling audio/video components, lights, or other electronic systems in the home.


The K4 is a color LCD touchpanel designed for flush-mount installations in walls or cabinets. It provides a self-contained control system for controlling audio/video components, lights, or other electronic systems in the home. It also displays composite video*, motion JPEG, and web pages - either full screen or in an adjustable window.

The K4 has it all - it's the first stand-alone touchpanel with infrared control, video monitoring, and Ethernet connectivity. With a TFT LCD, full VGA resolution, powerful 400MHz 32-bit MCU, 32MB of Flash memory, stereo speakers, microphone, and an infrared receiver, the K4 takes touchpanel control to new heights.

yamaha logo
Yamaha's New YSP-4100 Digital Sound Projector

The YSP-1 Digital Sound Projector by YamahaMany times we run in to a situation that presents no simple way to run wires or multiple surround speakers to give you the "Home Theater" surround experience.

This is the solution. We have installed many of these products and it always amazes us and our customers how realistic the surround sound is as well as how good music sounds from the YSP-4100. Everyone asks where the surround speakers are hidden! 

When you realize that this is not only all of the surround speakers you need, but is the surround receiver, FM tuner, XM tuner, and has a plug for the Yamaha iPod dock, it becomes obvious that this is the only component you need as a surround system.

Simplify your Home Theater with multi-channel surround sound enjoyment from a single component.

The Yamaha Digital Sound Projector (YSP-4100) is an exciting breakthrough in home theater technology. Now you can get optimum multi-channel sound directivity to enjoy the full benefits of home theater all from one easily installed component. This is Yamaha patented technology which means no other manufacturer can offer this!

No more multiple speakers, no more clutter, no more hiding wires... just the pure excitement of bringing your movies and music to life.

Yamaha YSP-1 Digital Sound

Read review on Yamaha YSP 4100

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Professional Audio & Video Retailers Association


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