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Why should you choose a CEDIA certified member for your Audio/Video system?

10 Smart Consumer Electronic Tips for the Home Environment

Who should I talk to about creating a home theatre?

Should I throw away that VCR?

Where do I go to get help with this?

If you are bewildered about the consumer electronics age? You are not alone. As technology has advanced at an incredible pace it is near impossible to keep up with it, let alone understand it.

The 10 Smart Consumer Electronic Tips provide you with a concise and informative list of helpful hints to assist you in making smart decisions when purchasing home consumer electronics.

The 10 Smart Consumer Electronics Tips is a collaborative effort developed by members of CEDIA. Members of CEDIA are knowledgeable and talented professionals certified to represent all facets of the industry from residential electronic systems professionals to manufacturers and sales representatives.

This list of recommendations was developed after many hours of collaboration between CEDIA and our members. Our goal for developing this list was to take an active role in providing assistance to the consumer. These tips cover four areas: innovation, investments, integration and ease of use.

Here is the list:

    1. Wire for everything now – If you are building or remodeling your home, wire it with a plan for future needs. While no one can guarantee what the future will look like, CEDIA Professionals make it their business to stay current to offer good advice about technologies that are on the horizon. Best of all they can help you sort out the hype from the reality.
    2. Plan for HDTV now – High Definition TV is the new digital standard for enhanced picture quality for TV broadcasting. If you're buying a new TV or video projector, make sure you'll be able to enjoy the incredible sound and pictures that are part of HDTV. Have a CEDIA professionel provide the wiring infrastucture to deliver that signal for you.
    3. Insist on integrated systems – As you buy new electronic components, make sure you are getting equipment that can work in harmony and be operated with one easy to use remote control system.
    4. Don’t buy yesterday’s products (often what is in stock)– Many large chain stores purchase huge orders of equipment to get the best price they can and then sell it at discounted rates not considering what is the best choice for your needs, only what is best for their bottom line. This leads to having old inventory in stock which is not the newest technology or models, just some products that are discounted! Is that the kind of system you want to put together?  Shop with a dealer that only provides you with the latest equipment and technologies and has the knowledge that will fill your needs and budget.
    5. Consider integrating lighting control with your home electronics system– Lighting sets the mood for home theater, entertaining, or just a quiet night at home. You can control your home lighting from the same remote that you use to control your theater or music system. Did you know that having dimmers on your lighting can save you money as well as contributing to being green!
    6. Think with your wallet, but lead with your head – Quality and long-term dependability are the most cost effective attributes that you can build into a home. Most people live in a home for a long time and want it to be a comfortable environment that fills their needs. When you decide to leave your home you will want to leave improvements that will add value for the next homeowner.
    7. Buy an experience, not a box– Few people have the time or knowledge to research and evaluate all the hardware choices, especially when technology changes as fast as it does. This is where a CEDIA certfied designer will help you make an educated decision.. It's smarter to focus on the end result and make your choices based upon overall performance and value.
    8. Don't think you have to put up with hard to use, multiple remote controls– Easy to use, all-in-one remote controls are available for any system. A CEDIA certified professional can even custom program a remote so they make perfect sense to you and your family to meet your unique needs.
    9. Consult a professional – Designing and installing reliable, easy to use systems that add real quality to your lifestyle is the goal of CEDIA professionals. Check to see if the company you're considering has a CEDIA Certified Professional Designer on staff.
    10. Increase your service expectations – Your home electronics system is a big investment. CEDIA professionals will provide you with extensive options, comprehensive designs, complete installation and especially, in-home service for your systems.

The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association – CEDIA ... professionals ensuring your dollars are invested well while focusing on the design, integration and installation.

To find a CEDIA member in your area, please use the Finder Service or send email to

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